RhinoGrow Alpha 0.2.3

RhinoGrow Alpha 0.2.3



  • Download RhinoGrow Alpha 0.2.3
  • Copy RhinoGrow_Release.py to C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)\Plug-ins\IronPython\Lib
  • Drag and drop RhinoGrowTB.rui into Rhino 5 or install via toolbar options


  1. Click the toolbar button
  2. Select the geometry to grow over
  3. Select points to spawn from
  4. Set parameters (see docs)
  5. Finish Script (hit Escor click no when asked to continue)
  6. Edit a leaf block (blockedit) and apply a material (and transparency map). If desired, you can also change the shape of the leaf (give it a bend etc)



  • Complex geometry can take a while to compute. Might be best to do it bit at a time if this is the case, or build a simple mesh (ie. decking board –> flat plane) for faster calcs.
  • It will run faster in Wireframe viewport.
  • You can just set iterations to many and hit escape when you think you’re done (note that this will leave a mesh hidden on the RG layer)
  • You can still scroll around while it’s calculating.
  • If you’ve left it for a while, give it a minute to clean everything up at the end.
  • The alpha/image maps aren’t yet supplied; will be in future releases.



  • Iterations: Number of runs per update
  • Scale: Global scaling; affects most parametrs
  • Momentum: Tendency to move in current direction
  • Randomness: General unexpectency of direction change
  • Sun Power: Attraction towards the sun
  • Branch Frequency: Frequency of branching (Lower: more frequent)
  • Leaf Frequency: Percentage chance of a leaf occuring (0: Never, 1:Always)
  • Leaf Dimension: Dimension of leaves in whatever the current unit is
  • Distance from Surface: How closely the stems track the surface (0: Very close)

 rg023_5 rg023_3 rg023_2 rg023_1